Reflections on 2016 Elections….

Although I have been associated with the Walton Society for many years, I have never stood for councillor before. However I was pleased when I was offered the opportunity to do so a couple of months ago. Four weeks canvassing provided a mixture of boredom (when many consecutive doors were not answered; gloom (when people said they weren’t interested or voting for the opposition); and happiness when greeted by someone full of enthusiasm, who told me what a good job the Society was doing.

On the day of the count I was pessimistic. Since my name begins with a ‘W’ I was last on the ballot paper – not a good place to be. The count itself was very well organised and ran very smoothly. By about 1 p.m. I knew I had been elected. Although I gained fewer votes than the other Society Councillors, I was still well over 400 votes ahead of the closest Tory. Is that clear blue water or clear green water, I wonder? The very thick icing on the cake was that the Residents’ group in coalition with the Lib-Dems can now take control of Elmbridge Council.

All that is left to say, for the moment, before the work begins, is a series of “thank you”s. Thank you to all those who voted for me, especially those who were involved in my previous local campaigns or activities. Thank you to those individuals who went out late in the day to vote when I asked them to. Thanks to my fellow councillors and ex-councillors, and all those Walton Society helpers who were tellers, or canvassers or delivered leaflets or helped in other ways. Finally a big thank you to my wife, for all her support despite my extended absence and a clutter of manifesto leaflets and canvass cards all over the living room floor!

I promise to try and represent Walton Central’s residents well by hard work and goodwill.

Cllr. Graham Woolgar 7th May 2016

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